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Last night was one experience I will not forget. I have done small pieces of alternative freelance journalism before one about the Unholy alliance heavy metal tour in 2004 and one other piece about 30 seconds to Mars in 2013 both if you ask me were experiences of the abject corrupt nature of the music industry (yes they don't care about you, they just want your money and brainwash you with cultural marxism).
So there I was on Queen Street at about 4am, 4am you ask, it's because at 4am the city centre is quiet and the pictures that I would take would be with less people in the shot. See below.

Just beyond the barriers, as you can be seen is a Police van. As I crossed the barrier the Police van suddenly opened it's doors and out came four Police officers. They were not local police and they were from Thames Valley (Reading,England precisely). They immediately asked me why I was taking the photos and stopped me from going any further. They then ask for I.D as well and as ask me who am I sending the article with the photos too. A stumpy little Police officer asked me about what I was doing and about my phone. After searching through my bag which had a document from a Syrian refugee friend who I completed it for, a very large (to put it politely) Police officer they suddenly became very suspicious. He then started taking about the Terrorism act and if you don't know they can hold you indefinately for 3 months without charge or trial in the UK. I had offered my driving licence as proof of my identity which they claimed was fake but actually was not but had an older photo of me without my beard from my teenage years. They then checked with their 'superiors' to see if my my was licence was real which it was but then proceeded to look at the mobile phone photos and get my IMEI no. which is used to track the phone and collect data. They also looked at my contacts and sms texts. They also ask me to look at a CCTV camera twice and that was to get my profile. I was wearing a kurta which is an Asian dress at the time which may have been the reason they stopped and arrested me. The 'large' (read fat) police officer told me that I was 'foolish' to have come to take pictures at 4am, I replied you are from Reading, England not Cardiff and it is quieter at 4am to take pictures. I know this city better than you as I am from here.
  The police said that if nothing is done and if something happens (most likely a false flag event) then they will get the blame. What I should have said to them is when liberty is sacrificed for security, you lose both. After numerous checks were made, they arrested me on suspiscion of theft of a driving licence. Now, a real thief would not have a debit card, library card and student card in the same wallet. So they knew, that the card was real but then under guise of 'security' arrested me. I also mentioned the three men from Cardiff who joined ISIS/IS a few months ago and they said it made the situation more dangerous. Ironically, I told them I was a freelance journalist writing about the police presence and police state in Cardiff and Newport. Thanks for the help, not!
They then put me into cuffs and made me sit in their van. I told them I would come voluntarily so the cuffs were unecessary. They said it was their 'policy'. I sat there for several minutes. I was taken to Cardiff bay police station and initially locked in a solitary room. I am then searched and have my DNA taken from me. Obviously, the check proved that my driving licence was legitimate and not stolen. This was obviously was a rouse so they could search my phone for basically nothing. It's quite funny as they wasted their time and gave me a story. They then proceeded to tell me that I was not charged with any crime and I was free to go but they had told me that some officers from Manchester who were travelling 50 miles to see me for a chat. I thought poor guys who had been called out this far for nothing! 
I was made to wait several hours and at 10am I spoke to two CID officers. They then asked who I was writing for and I said henrymakow.com. The officers from Manchester came and spoke to me for a few minutes and then I told them the same. I left the station at about 10.40am. The skies across South Wales have been clear, without any trails. See below. This is because of a no-fly zone and there are reports that a military helicopter has been seen flying across Cardiff. The link is here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-29022587

I will be continuing live reporting tomorrow from Newport where a planned protest will occur. I will be working with a reporter from RT's Ruptly. 


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